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Sint Eustatius, also known affectionately to the locals as Statia or Statius, is a Caribbean island and a special municipality of the Netherlands.



The island was seen by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and claimed by many different nations. From the first settlement, in the 17th century until the early 19th century, St. Eustatius changed hands twenty two times.

In 1636, the chamber of Zeeland of the Dutch West India Company took possession of the island that was then reported to be uninhabited. As of 1678, the islands of St. Eustatius, Sint Maarten and Saba fell under direct command of the Dutch West India Company, with a commander stationed on St. Eustatius to govern all three. At the time, the island was of some importance for cultivation of tobacco and sugar.

In the 18th century, St. Eustatius' geographical placement in the middle of Danish (Virgin Islands), British (Jamaica, St. Kitts, Barbados, Antigua), French (Ste. Lucie,Martinique, Guadeloupe) and Spanish (Cuba, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola) territories—its large harborage, neutrality and status from 1756 as a free port with no customsduties were all factors in it becoming a major point of transhipment of goods, and a locus for trade in contraband. Its economy developed by ignoring the monopolistic trade restrictions of the British, French and Spanish islands. St.Eustatius's economy, under the Dutch, flourished. The island was known as The Golden Rock.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Size8.1 sq miles (21 km2)​ 
Population: ±4,020
LanguagesThe official language is Dutch but English is the "language of everyday life" on the island. A local English-based creole is also spoken informally.
Currency: US Dollar (USD).

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Activities & Events

There are fun events and activities on St Eustatius all throughout the year. The bigest is the carnival and statia day. 

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Travel Information

F. D. Roosevelt Airport is the airport located on the island of Sint Eustatius, Caribbean Netherlands. It was opened as "Golden Rock Airport" in 1946 and renamed for Franklin Delano Roosevelt.