Bonbini to St.Maarten

On this island, your limits are the sky in one direction and the bottom of the sea in the other. Sail the yacht that won the America's Cup. Motor a catamaran along the mythical line separating the Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean Sea. Charter a fishing vessel and set out for giant marlin. Dive. Fish. Hike. Climb Historic Mount Concordia. Do it all, See it all. For here, there are no limits other than the boundaries of nature itself.

Often referred to as the crossroads of the Caribbean, St. Maarten is located at the northern end of the Lesser Antilles, approximately 150 miles southeast of Puerto Rico. The island is just three hours from New York City and two hours forty-five minutes from Miami.



The 37-square-mile island of St. Maarten was first settled by the Arawaks and was discovered by Christopher Columbus on behalf of Spain in 1493. Columbus sighted the island on November 11th, the holy day of St. Martin of Tours, and so named the island after him.

For the next 150 years the island was passed between Holland, England, France and Spain. The old stone forts that guard many of the island's inlets are proof of the island's turbulent past.

In 1648 St. Maarten was peacefully divided between Holland and France, and today is the smallest landmass in the world to be shared by two sovereign nations.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Size: 8.135 mi² (21.07 km²)
Population: 77,000.
Languages: The official language on the St. Maarten side is Dutch, and is officially French on the St. Martin side. English, French Creole, Spanish, Papiamento and other languages are also spoken.
Currency (Dutch St. Maarten): Netherlands Antilles florin (NAf)

Currency (Fench St. Martin): The official monetary unit is the euro.

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Activities & Events

There are fun events and activities on St. Maarten all throughout the year, such ass the Mardi Grass Carnival on the French side and King's Day. Our island also hosts music and sporting events.

Click here for event calender.

Cruise Information

St. Maarten's A.C. Wathey Pier is ranked among the top ten world cruise ports and destinations. This ultra-modern facility, featuring seaside and boulevard promenades, can accommodate four cruise vessels alongside its 2100 feet cruise pier. A genesis class pier is currently under construction.

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